Natural mineral water «Krayna»

  • Our mission - to convey a unique mineral composition and structure of the pure natural water of Transcarpathia – ecological pearl of Ukraine, through adherence to high quality standards, safe production, each Pro-active person in the world, leading a healthy lifestyle and choosing high quality products.
  • Source of water is "Krayna" located in the pristine resort area Jemchujina of Transcarpathia. Water from an artesian well comes to the surface under natural pressure, which ensures the safety of its natural structure. The water is then fed to the bottling line, excluding any impact of human factors and third party elements on a unique mineral and chemical balance.
  • biological background - in the production process, we liberate the Natural Mineral water "Krayna" from mechanical impurities rocks, leaving the live energy of the water in its original form, as nature intended.


Chemical composition

Kalium 4.7 mg/l
Sodium 7.6 mg/l
Calcium 24.1 mg/l
Magnesium 8.7 mg/l
Bicarbonate 146 mg/l
Salinity 246 mg/l



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